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Vocational Evaluation This includes: achievement, aptitude, and interests tests; transferable skills analysis, labor market analysis with recommendations of specific employment, training, or rehabilitation.
Job Seeking Skills Training This consists of training an individual in the techniques needed in locating employment including but not limited to: resume preparation, locating job openings, networking, interviewing, negotiating for salary, and work adjustment issues.
Job Placement Assistance This is direct assistance with locating employment for an individual. Job leads and other tools are provided for individuals in a job search.
File Review An assessment of skills can be performed given sufficient vocational/medical information found in the records.
Earnings Capacity An individualís potential earnings capacity can be determined based on prior work history, education and training.
Life Care Planning Plans can be written or critiqued relative to appropriateness of the services needed or recommended.
Adjustment Counseling This is appropriate for individuals that are experiencing employment difficulties such as poor attendance, substance abuse, or behavioral problems.
Expert Testimony Expert opinions can be given relative to employment issues for injured or disabled individuals.
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